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Vacation Home in PORTUGAL

Thinking of building a custom home in Portugal but don’t know where to start?

I’ve found that many would-be property buyers in Portugal fail to get started because they feel overwhelmed by the number of considerations and risks, or because they are being discouraged by family and friends. Those who do make a property purchase in Portugal often fail to effectively plan or learn enough about the full process. As a result, they get stressed-out, end up with a property (or lifestyle) that is far from perfect, and ultimately lose money.

However, there IS a way to make the whole process – from getting started through to actually taking possession of your own Portugal home – easier, less risky and more fun. In this FREE, downloadable PDF process guide, you’ll discover:

  • 3 costly misconceptions about building a home in Portugal
  • 5 things you need to know to make your project a success
  • 3 crucial elements to consider when choosing a lot



Some of our work

Why Choose Us?

We Create Art Between Man and Nature

Residential Design

We can design your European dream home.

Commercial Design

Create a unique office space or retail center.

Interior Design

Make sure your living space suits your lifestyle

Architectural Visualization

We can turn any design proposal into beautiful and artistic images or animations.

Graphic Design

We create design solutions that have a high visual impact.

Urban Design

We design and advise on urban regeneration schemes.

“Is it a good idea to work with an architect when designing your home?”

This is a common question that we’ve encountered during various custom residential and commercial design projects.

The answer is: YES! Whether you are redesigning your existing home, or building a new one, working with an architect is a VERY GOOD IDEA because an Architect adds VALUE to your home.

First of all, choose your architect:

Word of mouth is one of the best ways to find an architect. Do you know anyone who has worked with or knows an architect that they would recommend? Most of our clients have gotten our name from friends or friends-of-friends. However, a few clients have made contact after seeing images of our work that they liked enough to seek us out online.

Then, Meet with More Than One Architect and Ask Lots of Questions.

Again, you will be spending a lot of time with this person so you might as well like him or her. Once you have selected a few architects with whom you would consider working, call and speak with each one about your project. This is your chance to figure out if you will be able to communicate well with your architect.

“I would say choosing an architect is a bit like choosing someone to go for a long hike with you. There needs to be trust, empathy, common vision, good communication and mutual respect.” — from Houzz, 10 Things Architects Want You To Know About What They Do by Laura Gaskill”


We are a licensed architectural firm based in Portugal, and we specialize in building custom residences all over Europe. We have years of experience in both residential and commercial architecture, as well as interior design, and we pride ourselves on delivering high-quality designs and exceptional customer service. Our goal is to find a solution which is not only beyond our clients expectations but also one that will positively influence their everyday lives.

How Does This Work?

A simple guide to finding a builder

1. Browse Our Portfolios for Design Ideas

View images and 3-D renderings of some of our residential and commercial designs.

2. Read the FAQs and Guides for More Details

Get your preliminary questions answered, or learn more about a specific design topic.

3. Contact Us for Your ‘Needs and Options’ Review

Sit down with us as we create a plan to make your dream home a reality.


“Working with Joel Rosa was very easy from the start. Getting the message, that we felt it would always be the most complicated stage, was indeed very simple. Joel caught our intentions, always took into account that we could not do, and gave us the opportunity to live our home in a way that never would think possible.”

Sofia Catarino and Sergio Miranda· Portugal

“We are pleased to confirm that the cooperation with you to make a creation for my home was very successfully.In this situation you make the translation off my idea to a wonderful design. It was important for me that you can think ”out of the box”. Like you know I already live in a very special house for architecture in- and exterior so we are very spoilt for this. But it likes for you no point to do so and you did fixed it just like that. We will thank you again for doing this job for us and we have no problem at all to recommend your office ThirdSkin Architecture to new customers.” Hanny and Anton Schouten

Hanny and Anton Schouten· Netherlands

“In our profession as a European project development Company we have worked together with Joel Rosa. In the past we have realized several leisure projects with a volume of approx. 300 units. The design was always a premium issue.When we started to develop at the Silver Coast in Portugal we saw the designs of Joel which made us very enthusiastic.
One of the qualities of Joel is the fact that he listens to the request of the developer and translates this in a refreshing and unexpected architectural view. The harmony of the object is based on the design, perfectly fitted into its surroundings. Our Blue Ocean Design Resort is one of his projects. For our future projects we will co-operate with Mr Joel Rosa whenever possible.” Peter Picture

PETER ANTONISSEN – Director· Sparcs Leisure Development

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