An exceptional place like this needs nothing less than an exceptional and sustainable design. However, this high class urbanization along the sea and at the doors of the capital, the surrounding architecture is, with few exceptions, ordinary.

This home on its turn, supported in its design and sustainability, may be worthy of a place in the national and international architecture scene.

Located in a residential upscale neighborhood near the town of Cascais, this house aims to draw attention by its geometry and the elegance and simplicity of its construction. The simplicity of the set is enriched by a number of subtle details like the rounded and sleek design of the pillars, coating materials, the balanced and suspended terraces overlooking the surrounding garden, bordless pool, among others.

To make the most of the garden, the house opens completely to the landscape to the south, at the same time offering an impressive volume of apparent white concrete pillars supported in dynamic and another body coated black basaltic rock united by a covered terrace serving as entrance.

The composition is based on the balance between light and heavy elements: the volume to south, enclosed by large glass surfaces thus benefiting from light and fantastic surroundings, hosts the main divisions, while areas of service and leisure – spa (with pool interior, jacuzzi, Turkish bath, hammam and gym), cinema and games room are located in the north stony volume, protected by the surrounding vegetation.

The relationship between interior and exterior, the need for open spaces and enough communication between them are critical factors in the design of this house.

The two volumes allow you to create varying heights and glazing facades south – double foot ceilings in living areas – and the access zone that links the two bodies of the house.

The land occupied by the garden and the pool – beach type with a gently ramped entrance, space for sunbeds in the water and fall to infinity – are south facing, allowing, under the wind, its occupants to enjoy the pine trees, and the sea.

This sustainable contemporary detached home design includes renewable energy and water conservation systems. The building has been designed to maximize solar gain and minimize heat loss. A ground heat pump system provides the minimal heating required and recycled rainwater is harvested for garden use.