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Building your dream home in Portugal is possible with Third Skin Architecture

By idealizing a custom home in Portugal, you will realize that the best investment is that your design will result in a final product well executed, extensively well documented and highly detailed. This investment will go a long way to ensure you that the future steps of the project – building and living – will become more efficient and successful. Third Skin Architecture (TSA) is your best choice for making that happen.

Our architectural concept is inspired by market trends and innovations in this sector, to provide you a full-service in residential architecture and planning fields and guarantee you a smooth-running process. My team and I develop innovative projects of high quality architecture rooted to its site, that fits the natural environment and merges with the landscape, as well as provides a functional and energy efficient modern design. We create true modern and environmentally friendly houses, based on the simple concept that the best residential architecture is the result of listening the individual needs of each customer.

To make this possible, my team and I use the advantages of web technology to give you a unique and pleasant experience when designing your home. I have found that a key element to the success of a project is a simple, fast and easy communication. Current projects are so complex and there are so many decisions to be made throughout its development that a simple e-mail is not enough. For this reason, our systems enables you to be informed and involved at every step, even from a foreign country.

To introduce you our concept and way of working, to bring you closer to us and see if we are able to help you accomplish your dreams, I will, from now on, publish monthly articles in this blog, as well as varied and useful information in social networks. Keeping up with me, at Third Skin Architecture, will make you familiar with the latest news and great projects around the world, as well as get to know the best of Portugal and realize why this country will be ideal to build your dream home. But most of all, my focus here is to provide you useful information and advices about how to save your time and money (and sanity by the way) when designing and building – new or remodeling – your new house away from home. Follow me and find out why TSA is your best option! See you soon!