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Our architectural firm adds value to the largest investment of your life.

Services we offer

Residential Design

Our modern architectural homes can be tailored to suit your specific tastes, especially when it comes to interior design. Our homes effortlessly combine practical layouts with luxury finishes, providing you with a home that truly feels as though it was custom-designed.

Commercial Design

We design for a wide range of sectors including healthcare, public building, arts and commercial projects. We are known for our conceptual rigour, our re-invention of building types and creation of humane and legible buildings and places. We undertake:

  • feasibility studies
  • scheme design including planning applications
  • detail design and production information

Interior Design

Whether you are looking to change the look of your whole house or just for general interior design ideas, we have lots of great ideas and concepts to inspire you. We aim to provide great interior design inspiration, without cutting corners on quality. We try and find high quality and good value products and ideas for you to use in your home!

Architectural Visualization

We can turn any design proposal into beautiful and artistic images or animations. 3D renderings play a major role in real estate sales and it also makes it possible to make design related decisions well before the building is actually built. Thus it helps with experimenting with building design and its visual aspects.

Graphic Design

We create design solutions that have a high visual impact. Whether it is a real estate development for advertising, magazines, exhibitions and displays, corporate communications or corporate identity, we are specialized in develop creative ideas and concepts, choosing the appropriate media and style to meet the client’s objectives.

Urban Design

We design and advise on urban regeneration schemes. We focus on developing designs that are sustainable and achieve the optimum mix, density and quality of public realm without compromising quality. We undertake:

  • masterplanning, including consultation
  • spatial frameworks
  • design coding

Why Us?

Our modern, energy-savings designs are tailored to each client’s current and future needs, lifestyle, aspirations, budget and site. A Senior Architect is involved at every stage of every project to ensure that the design doesn’t get ‘diluted’ during construction. You have a giddy feeling. You know you want a Special dream house for yourself and your family. Nothing ordinary will do.

We have gained planning permission for all types of buildings, particularly in Portugal’s Silver Coast. You do not want to trust the integrity of your new house to anyone other than a licensed, real architect; one that specializes in residential design. You wouldn’t trust a your neighborhood grocery butcher to handle your upcoming bypass operation; you want an M.D. and one that is a cardiac surgery specialist. Why would you trust the design of your house to anyone but the most skilled designers of homes on the planet: residential architects. Architects of houses have: top accredited university educations, degrees, internships, successfully passed a grueling multiple day exam, has decades of experience, licensing and State & professional organization monitored continuing education.

We communicate well, give peace of mind and are easy to work with;

  • The state-of-the-art 3D software we use not only helps clients visualise the end design, (including where their furniture will go and where the sun and shadows will fall), it also speeds up construction and reduces the risk of expensive errors and changes on site
  • Our regular Cost Reports help clients manage their building budgets and make well informed decisions
  • The teleconferencing and simple internet tools we use to hold ‘virtual’ meetings give clients maximum flexibility

BIDDING/PRICING MANAGEMENT EXPERIENCE TO OBTAIN A REASONABLE COST. You want an experienced design professional, used to pricing and bidding out residential projects, to manage your project bidding so that you can obtain the very best reasonable pricing from qualified licensed contractors. That one item in and of itself can more than make up for the architect’s fee. This can result in possible savings in the tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars for this service.

In our practice, we focus on doing the two most important things in the architectural design field: providing good design and good service. Both of these elements are integrated into our Design Process.

We understand the personal investment of time and money our clients commit to their projects and we believe that when you hire us, you shouldn’t have to spend time reminding us of the things we are supposed to do. Our commitment to providing good service means focusing on project management so you don’t have to, being accessible to you when you need to discuss your project, and providing well drawn and complete design documents.

In addition to all of the above, we believe that the process should be enjoyable and creatively satisfying for everyone involved, and we work hard at making it gratifying.

Steps to a Successful Project


Most of our clients have spent days, months and years envisioning every detail of their own unique custom home. From napkin sketches and magazine tear outs to life-long dreams and acquired preferences – each personal element is an essential piece of the puzzle to create a home that isn’t just a place to live…it’s a part of you. Discovering your lifestyle, values and personal taste will be the foundation of your home design.


Excellent design complements the landscape – it doesn’t fight it. Organic features such as existing trees, position of the sun and natural terrain are just a few of the important and often overlooked elements we evaluate when we begin conceptualizing the design of your new home. It is also essential to consider all plans for your property not only in terms of present use but also future expansion. All of these principles are carefully taken into account when visiting your home site. This is truly where the design process begins.


Everyone is different and everyone has a different preference when it comes to architectural style. We get to know you and your specific taste and provide you with a range of possibilities to choose from. Every person possesses a measure of creativity. It is a designer’s job to carefully listen and build on those creative ideas. This is the foundation of Custom Home Group and it’s why we think the most important thing we do is listen thoroughly to understand your lifestyle in order to uniquely personalize your home design.


Developing a final exterior design that expresses your individuality and unique “curb appeal” typically happens by working through a progression of concepts, sketches and specific details. We start with basics and build on them to create a variety of options. Our goal during this process is to provide you with a range of design visuals that you can examine and reflect on before making your decision. Most of the time the final result is a collection of your favorite characteristics compiled from multiple sketches.


When planning the interior spaces of your home, nothing should be simply practical or simply beautiful – but a union of the two. Attractive design is of little or no use if it does not function well in your daily life. To create a holistic design, we will help you select specific products, finishes, colors and textures that complement your working floor plan. One of the most fun and fulfilling parts of the design process is seeing your ideas and plans come to life.


A huge advantage is that the lead members of the design team – architect and civil engineer – will be on site verifying the proper execution of every detail. This eliminates the disconnection that commonly arises between a third-party fiscal and a builder who are not connected and often are not on the same page. This can cause major delays and other problems in completion of your new home. The most valuable element of this process is the partnership between construction and design and this is the foundation of TSA. Well crafted plans are completely ineffective if they do not translate into excellent execution.


Your options are virtually endless. From backsplashes and wall colors to faucets and illumination. Everything you choose is designed to the best standards and every detail is completely thought out for the full benefit of functionality. These details are the most easily overlooked or de-emphasized factors that ultimately make a huge difference both aesthetically and functionally. We treat each home as if it is our own. You will be directly connected to a project manager in order to ensure a consistent, smooth, enjoyable and timely custom homebuilding experience.


A dream without effort is just a dream. We’ll help you make your dream home a reality with construction team and design team working in synergy to create a home that looks wonderful, feels wonderful, is practical for your day-to-day life, and (most importantly) is built to endure. From the foundation to the very last fixture that completes the job, your custom home will be built with our supervision, care and expertise.

What Our Clients Say

A Few Of Our Raving Fans

“We are pleased to confirm that the cooperation with you to make a creation for my home was very successfully.In this situation you make the translation off my idea to a wonderful design. It was important for me that you can think ”out of the box”. Like you know I already live in a very special house for architecture in- and exterior so we are very spoilt for this. But it likes for you no point to do so and you did fixed it just like that. We will thank you again for doing this job for us and we have no problem at all to recommend your office ThirdSkin Architecture to new customers.” Hanny and Anton Schouten

Hanny and Anton Schouten· Netherlands

“Working with Joel Rosa was very easy from the start. Getting the message, that we felt it would always be the most complicated stage, was indeed very simple. Joel caught our intentions, always took into account that we could not do, and gave us the opportunity to live our home in a way that never would think possible.”

Sofia Catarino and Sergio Miranda· Portugal

“Gardenframe had worked with some professionals in the area but never had anyone like the Architect Joel in implementing the project for the 3D. It is so important to our work that your images served as the basis for building the new company’s website. I admit this way that there was a good marriage between 3D projects and our projects. The best of the surprises was the timing of implementation, such as the connection established between the Gardenframe and Joel. Another point to note: we enjoyed the professionalism of the work of the Architect Joel.” GonçaloGardenframe

Gonçalo Franciso, Director of Gardenframe· Portugal

“His assets in conceptual-, detail- and design- development as well as his vast experience in static and animated 3D rendering, and his natural leadership skills, where fundamental to be head hunted by “Patrimonio Portugal” to lead the group’s Architecture and Engineering department. His approach is conceptual, based on integrating every project’s context, identity and heritage into a new design experience where diversity and exception are considered as sustainable values. Changing trends in cultural, social and environmental and historical context are translated into every project on a unique way.” Hans picture

HANS LUYCKX – CEO· Grupo Património Portugal

“The collaboration of Architect Joel Rosa in projects and production of 3D images is from a total availability and dedication that is reflected into a final quality work performed often in record time. The price / quality ratio of the Third Skin is undoubtedly the best value of the service provided.” NunoCruz

Nuno Cruz, arquitecto· Portugal

“In our profession as a European project development Company we have worked together with Joel Rosa. In the past we have realized several leisure projects with a volume of approx. 300 units. The design was always a premium issue.When we started to develop at the Silver Coast in Portugal we saw the designs of Joel which made us very enthusiastic.
One of the qualities of Joel is the fact that he listens to the request of the developer and translates this in a refreshing and unexpected architectural view. The harmony of the object is based on the design, perfectly fitted into its surroundings. Our Blue Ocean Design Resort is one of his projects. For our future projects we will co-operate with Mr Joel Rosa whenever possible.” Peter Picture

PETER ANTONISSEN – Director· Sparcs Leisure Development